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Micro Anti Snoring Device for Sleep Apnea Stop Snore Aid Stopper Electronic

Product description

Stop Snoring Naturally
Would you love never to snore and give your partner a good night’s silent sleep relief? Improve your relationship through quieter sleep? Improve your breathing at night? Our Anti Snoring Device are the perfect anti snoring aids. It’s not only stop snoring, but also can filter harmful air.

Soft, Flexible Silicone
Snoring nose vents plug are made with atural silica gel material that flexes and bends to provide proper comfort and fit; soft and comfortable to touch. You can wear the anti snoring device directly as it doesn’t need to shape. Let you sleeping like lying on the spring grass land and breathing the fresh air Ideal for men, women, and youth alike.


Easy To Use
Simply insert the vent into the nostril and sleep quietly. Effective to stop nose snoring. Snoring may disturb sleep for the snorer and people around them, causing daytime sleepiness, reduced mental alertness and relationship issues.

Say Goodbye to Snoring
This is a completely new and breathable anti-snoring device If your partner complains about snoring all the time and you want a more comfortable snoring solution,Maybe you can try to understand our nose vent plug with exquisite craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Main Function:

1.Oxygen Concentrator / CPAP
2.Anti Snoring
3.PM2.5 filter


1.Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is typically caused by a blockage of the airway when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses during sleep. Untreated, OSA causes a number of serious health problems, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, memory impairment, weight gain, and headaches. The standard treatment for OSA is what is known as “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure,” or CPAP.

2.CPAP machines can mitigate this problem, but their poor design causes sleep apnea sufferers to give up on it: 50% of CPAP users stop using it within one year. Airing intends to change that with a revolutionary design that will work as well as any other CPAP machine, and patients won’t have to deal with cumbersome, uncomfortable masks.

3. Another reason patients give up on the traditional CPAP masks is that they get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. This is not the case with an electronic anti snoring device.The Electronic anti snoring device will let you breathe through all night and it is recyclable. As a result, every night you get a clean device with no cleaning to do, ever.Electronic anti snoring device also liberates you from the “mess” of uncomfortable straps and the noisy hum that both come with other CPAP machines.

4.Think about how liberated you could be with not just one good night’s sleep, but hundreds of them. Think about health problems you will avoid. Think about the energy you will have. Think about how much more productive you will be at work, the potential car accidents you’ll avoid, even your golf handicap decreasing by 3 shots.

In short, think about how liberated you will be when you start using Electronic Anti Snoring Device to manage your sleep apnea

Soft,comfortable silicone engineered to stay firmly in the nostril, forming a perfect seal without the need for straps.

Product Details As Below:

Product Description:
Shell: ABS Environmental Material
Rechargeable: Yes
Usage Time:4-6hours
Charging Power: 5V/1A
Charging Indicator: Red light when charging,turn green light after fully charged.
Product Dimension:62*27*32MM
Product Weight: 28g


1 x Electronic anti snoring device
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instruction Manual

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