Can Opener Artifact Stainless Steel multifunctional Effortless Openers


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Can Opener Artifact Stainless Steel multifunctional Effortless Openers

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INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Do you feel that the openings of traditional canned drinks and beer is too small, and the drinking method is too monotonous? This can opener is design for enjoying drinking. It can safely remove the can’s top without leaving sharp edges. You can throw away the cap, and add fruits, lemon slices and other spices into the can. Let you drink freely with great joviality

EASY TO USE: Pull the handle of the can opener, lay it flat on the top of the can (keep the can opener parallel to the can’s top). Press with the palm to make the can opener close to the can. Hold the can with one hand, press the handle into the can opener with the other hand, you will hear the click of the blade touching the can. Keep holding the can opener, twist the first turn, you will hear the sound of “fizz”, then keep twisting 2 turns, loose your hand, pull the handle out

EASY TO CARRY: The size of the can opener is 11×7.5×1.8cm, It is very small and lightweight. Just press the handle closed for safe storage, slip it into your packet to take it anywhere. It is suitable for traveling outdoor without glass, and perfect for playing drinking games such as beer pong

WIDELY USES: Most 8-19ounce beverage cans can be opened by this can opener. And it also can be used on most beverage cans, such as canned wine, energy drinks, spiked Selzer beer, canned cocktails, Selzer beer, iced coffee and so on

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