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Hands made ornaments are constantly a pleasant addition to any vacation decorating. This adorable mouse offers got himself in a sticky scenario, but will still enhance up up your Xmas forest. This adornment desires some basic stitching abilities, and some basic craft products, but can become made in basically a few hours. Get Naked Shower Curtains

65 inch shower curtains,This project can be adapted for many sizes of spools. I've included my components and measurements, but you might require to make modifications for your spool.

North Shore Trails in the Woods Shower CurtainNorth Shore Trails in the Woods Shower Curtain

These guidelines are for a mouse to match on a 1 3/4 inches spool. You may need to change the measurements shown below for your spool. shower curtains liner.

shower curtains 72x80,1. Pull a circle that is usually usually 5 ins in diameter on a scrap piece of paper. I traced a bowl from my kitchen to make my group.

2. Cut out a section of the circle that is certainly slightly bigger than a quarter of your shape (discover photo above). Your two straight sides should each become 2 1/2 inches long. shower curtains light blue.

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3. Maintain the two rounded corners of your paper template together (with a little overlap) to type a cone and position it on top of the end of your spool. The open end of your cone should become just a little bigger than the end of your spool. If it is definitely definitely too big, you can trim down your paper template. If it's too small, cut a bigger section from the remainder of your circle and try again.

 Arthur B. Davies - Children, Dogs and Pony Shower Curtain Arthur B. Davies - Children, Dogs and Pony Shower Curtain

Gray shower curtains,4. Once you have got a paper template that fits your spool, trace your quarter shape on to your felt fabric for your mouse head.

5. With the inside facing out (if there is one), put the two straight sides of your felt fabric together and sew up the seam to form a cone (see photo above). Do not sew too close to the edge of your fabric.

6. Next, turn your material so that the right side is showing. Hold your cone so that the seam is on the bottom, then sew your bead on the end of the cone for the nose. You can also use embroidery floss and some small stitches to sew a nose.